Health & Social Care

We know from our experience of bidding into the NHS Trusts, CCGs, NHS England, and DHSC that successful projects will be expected to improve the quality of health and social care provision, provide clinically sound and cost effective services, and test new ways of working. We have written health and social care bids including radiology, opthalmology and optometry, graduate training for social workers, and palliative care. Generally, they are highly technical, with a strong focus on governance and clinical compliance. The devil is definitely in the detail!

We believe that you don’t need to be a clinical specialist yourself to write a winning health bid. One of our very first clients was a radiologist bidding to run an NHS radiology department. We worked with him and his team to understand their¬†industry, their¬†business and their day jobs. When we presented our bid draft to the MD, he commented that it sounded like ‘we knew his business and his industry better than he did‘! This is exactly how it should be – you bring the years of clinical training, we bring the bid writing smarts.

How can we help you?

  • Helping you to articulate a coherent and compelling offer to commissioners.
  • Supporting the development and management of local partnerships, consortia and supply chains.
  • Assessing the skills, experience and specialist expertise of organisations to create delivery models and partnerships which meet commissioner requirements.

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