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Transforming Rehabilitation: Information Events for VCSE providers

Held on 7th – 18th October 2013 in Exeter, Cardiff, Birmingham, Gatwick, London, Newmarket, Nottingham, Manchester, Leeds, and Newcastle

These well-received events information workshops provided delegates with an overview of the procurement process, the key requirements of the specification and importantly, the potential operational and commercial challenges.

They also looked at the Self-assessment Checklist which sets out the key aspects and implications of the Transforming Rehabilitation competition which organisations will need to consider in order to engage with it fully. They also generated a lot of interesting discussion – thank-you to everyone that participated!




The next set of events will be networking sessions for potential Tier 2 and 3 providers to meet the shortlisted Tier 1 providers. These will be held in each of the 21 Contract Package Areas. Please keep an eye on Acevo’s website for further details and event booking information.