Criminal Justice


The justice sector has undergone radical change throughout 2014/15, as the Coalition Government implemented its Transforming Rehabilitation (TR) agenda and competition.

On 1st February 2015 the new providers took ownership of, and began running, the 21 Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs). At the same time, the Offender Rehabilitation Act 2014 came into full force, meaning an extension of supervision to short-sentenced prisoners so that for the first time ever, every offender released from custody will receive statutory supervision and rehabilitation in the community.

Candour has been heavily involved in the TR commissioning process, commencing with having developed, won and led the MoJ capacity building Action Plan project (you can see our work, and the MoJ’s response to it, here). We then delivered a programme of MoJ VCSE Skills and Information Workshops relating to Transforming Rehabilitation, in partnership with Acevo and NCVO. We also successfully supported a newly formed consortium through the MoJ’s TR PQQ, leading the design of the delivery and commercial models, supply chain solutions, and bid narrative, and provided bid writing support to a Probation Mutual during the second stage ITN process.

Most recently we have supported a client to successfully win two major contracts during the NOMS ESF CFO Round 3 competition, as well as delivering a number of business development training workshops to the voluntary sector as part of Clinks‘ MoJ infrastructure grant, and we are currently supporting a number of VCSE clients to negotiate their Tier 2 and Tier 3 sub-contracts with several CRCs across the country.

We have worked on numerous smaller scale justice projects including full management of a GLA Resettlement of Young Offenders tender on behalf of one of our clients, securing a Cabinet Office Social Action Fund grant for another, and providing ongoing business development capacity building support – funded by a grant making trust – to a small CIC to ensure their sustainability.

Candour Collaborations has also presented at several criminal justice conferences and forums, including myth busting sessions, implications for key stakeholders and explaining what the reforms really mean for the third sector.

How can we help you?

We can help your organisation secure income in the Criminal Justice marketplace. This could include determining whether it can, or should participate in the delivery of Transforming Rehabilitation and other Criminal Justice contracts or not, supporting you to make informed decisions when assessing opportunities, and establishing the potential steps and considerations needed when making those decisions, for example:

  • Establishing your service offer and identifying the role your organisation may wish to play: Prime Provider, Tier 2 Sub-contractor or Tier 3 Specialist Provider.
  • Service (re)design to ensure your offer remains relevant to both service users and commissioners.
  • Ascertaining your cost of delivery and a competitive and sustainable commercial model for your services.
  • Developing a strong evidence base of service/intervention impact to create a compelling offer in a competitive marketplace.
  • Assessing contractual offers both commercially and operationally and negotiating viable contracts/sub-contracts.
  • Identifying and pursuing alternative revenue sources if participation is not realistic / desirable.

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